About Us.

What We Do

LibLime support couples the concept of open development with the security of outstanding customer service relieving libraries of the need to have expensive technical resources on staff.

What We Do

LibLime delivers one of the more innovative technology platforms available to libraries today, bringing new realities of open access, interoperability, and rapid, flexible development. Libraries and consortia of all types and sizes deploy these solutions with confidence.

Hosted in LibLime’s distributed cloud computing data center, hundreds of libraries are able to alleviate their internal IT support needs. No software installed on desktops and no servers required in the libraries.

In keeping with open development tradition, library-sponsored enhancements to Bibliovation are available for others to use. LibLime makes sponsored development available at the request and on the behalf of the sponsoring libraries.

Why Choose LibLime?

LibLime brings libraries leading-edge technology, enabling new realities of open access, interoperability, and free innovation. Libraries and consortia of all types and sizes can deploy these solutions with confidence. LibLime support couples the innovation of an open development platform with the security of outstanding customer service and support, relieving libraries of the need for expensive internal, technical resources.

Severe budget cuts. Increased demand for services. Lack of adequate staffing.

Sound familiar?

At LibLime, we realize that your library is facing these challenges–and we can help. We’re not just your average library vendor in a highly competitive and heavily saturated market. We’re different, our products are different and our business model is different.

LibLime Solutions Reduce Costs

  • LibLime solutions are open development — designed by librarians for librarians
  • LibLime libraries have unfettered access to all of their data at all times for no charge
  • All technical support is provided by LibLime
  • Re-allocate your staff and resources currently supporting your proprietary solution
  • Sponsored development from many LibLime libraries benefits all
  • Libraries using LibLime solutions benefit from many advanced technology solutions that they otherwise could not afford to develop themselves

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Library Experience

For over 20 years, LibLime has provided award winning library software and service solutions to public, academic and special libraries with an emphasis on IT-free hosting solutions. LibLime employs librarians and technologists who understand library workflows and the challenges librarians face juggling emergent data sources with external applications, such as proprietary databases, educational technology systems, ASRS applications, and accounting information programs. Components of the Bibliovation platform are currently in production in hundreds of libraries nationwide. Bibliovation is currently in use by a variety of libraries such as:

  • Academic libraries
  • Public libraries
  • Public library consortia
  • Special libraries
  • Museum libraries
  • School libraries
  • School district union catalogs
  • Medical libraries
  • Law libraries

Our implementation team provides superior services related to data migration, union catalog creation, onsite and web-based training, PMP-certified project management, and complete system configuration. We have successfully migrated customers from a variety of legacy proprietary systems. Our team consists of veterans of the library industry who have brought their experience at programming, implementing, training, and supporting multiple legacy systems to the Bibliovation platform. Call us for a list of systems we have migrated our customers from, and our library references.

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