No longer bound by physical barriers, libraries are now challenged to keep pace with vast amounts of digital information, alongside the traditional print collections. Since 2005, LibLime has been at the forefront of providing library management software solutions. Our librarians, software engineers and information technologists work closely with our customers to create the best workflow solutions.

Library Industry Challenges

  • Multiple silos of data—Information has been created, formatted and stored in many forms: microform, newsletters, journals, and books. Now, digital resources compete with print materials for the researcher’s attention. All resources and formats require efficient location and searching with relevant results returned.
  • Proprietary control of tools—Libraries can no longer rely on closed technological dead end systems, completely dependent upon on a single vendor’s solution. In an age of increased technological openness, libraries must be able to connect disparate systems easily for a best- of-breed solution.
  • Strained budget requirements—Technology in libraries is designed to streamline and reduce costs for the entire system. However, with increasing strains on funding, libraries need a measurable way to show that their investments are the best value solutions for their patrons and staff.

Bibliovation Solutions

  • Bridging results—Bibliovation‘s Discovery Layer provides a solution to locate, search and organize results containing electronic content, eBooks and other digital formats, while preserving easy access to more traditional print materials and physical assets.
  • A proven open development platform—Bibliovation ‘future-proofs’ the library by providing ‘plug and play’ functionality that allows the library to seamlessly deploy the best tools available to support its workflows.
  • Web services hosting—Bibliovation is installed in a distributed computing hosting facility designed to funnel computing resources to point of need. Cloud-based AWS hosting facility is FedRAMP security certified. We have been hosting library management systems for over twelve years. This hosted offering is tailored to allow the library to divert current IT/hardware resources to collection development.

About LibLime

LibLime is the pioneer of web-based, cloud-hosted library management services. Our Library Services Platform, Bibliovation, combines traditional bibliographic management services with support for GeoMARC, RDA, digital content searching, and visual retrieval. Working closely with our library customers, we are able to provide the most relevant technology tools in the Bibliovation platform – this is a solution built By Librarians For Librarians.

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