LibLime Welcomes Five New Public Libraries to Bibliovation 7.2

Rockville, MD, June 6, 2023 – LibLime welcomes five new library customers to the Bibliovation 7.2 Library Services Platform that migrated earlier this spring. These public libraries are located around the country with one in Washington, one in New Jersey, one in Kansas, one in South Carolina, and one in California. All five of these libraries went live on the Bibliovation 7.2 platform and they will be using the system to support their collection maintenance, to disseminate their print and electronic resources, and to share materials with other local libraries as part of regional resource sharing programs.

Each of these libraries migrated from a legacy ILS to the Bibliovation 7.2 platform in less than two months. LibLime provided each of the libraries with implementation services including project management, system configuration, data migration, and staff training. Each library will now take advantage of LibLime’s award-winning hosting services. LibLime has been providing hosting solutions to its library customers for over fifteen years, so these library staffs are now benefiting from a 100% DoD-approved, browser-based, library management solution housed in a FedRAMP-certified hosting facility.

The library staffs are also enjoying reading and commenting on the bi-weekly LibLime blog posts found at

About Bibliovation 7.2

The Bibliovation 7.2 LSP is 100% web-based, providing all system access to researchers, library staff, and system administrators through web browsers. With FedRAMP authorized IaaS and PaaS certification made available through the Amazon AWS Cloud and SaaS special security authorization by the US Department of Defense cybersecurity experts, Bibliovation offers libraries the most secure and cost-effective hosting solution. Supporting MARC21, Dublin Core, RDA, and geotagging, Bibliovation helps libraries manage both physical and digital content all in a single Rest API-based platform. The Bibliovation circulation subsystem has been specifically designed to support shared union catalog solutions by providing the utmost autonomy to individual consortium members, including local bibliographic record ownership, local item record ownership, and local patron record ownership. Bibliovation MARC cataloging provides local control of cataloging rules that may complement or supersede the AACR2 and RDA rulesets. Bibliovation’s EDI-compliant acquisitions subsystem with its multi-tiered fund hierarchy also allows for the import of csv data that is then converted into the MARC21 format for acquisitions workflows. Bibliovation now offers online payment options as well as full NCIP support. With a hosted production system, a hosted reporting database, and a hosted test system, libraries have all the power and control they need to support their daily workflows.

About LibLime

LibLime is a global leader in providing support for open development Library Service Platforms (LSP). Rather than sell software licenses for static, hard-to-customize software products, LibLime educates libraries about the benefits of open development, enabling them to make choices about how best to provide their communities and staff with better technology services. LibLime then facilitates deployment of the LSP in libraries by providing outstanding consulting, development, implementation and support/hosting services. To learn more or receive budgetary service estimates, please visit: