AI and the Future of Us

AI is here to stay and will change our workplaces, procedures, and lives like other technologies. There’s no avoiding it, but we can make it our tool instead of our downfall. It’s a slippery-slope topic, but being talked about frequently since the launch of numerous AI programs and tools. More will come, don’t doubt that. But let’s not be terrified of it; rather, embrace it and learn how to use it to make everyone’s life better.

According to Business Insider, there are ten types of jobs that AI could potentially replace or, if utilized properly, enhance significantly:

-Media jobs (advertising, content creation, technical writing, journalism)

-Legal industry jobs (paralegals, legal assistants)

-Market research analysts


-Finance jobs (Financial analysts, personal financial advisors)


-Graphic Designers


-Customer service agents

-Tech jobs (Coders, computer programmers, software engineers, data analysts)

If you are working in one of these sectors like many others are, you may be wary of your company utilizing AI to replace you in the future. I know I am, and this fear is justified, but think of this too. If we could harness AI to make our jobs better, companies 100x more efficient, and move projects from start to finish in a few days or hours instead of months, wouldn’t that be good? Of course, it could just as easily go very badly. According to the article in Business Insider, “Oded Netzer, a Columbia Business School professor, thinks that AI will help coders rather than replace them.” With this in mind, let’s cautiously move forward and prepare to use this amazing tool to improve everything for everyone.