Read Free E-Books Online

Read Free E-Books Online

Only some people can access the book or ebook they want or a library that can get it. This is where free online book-reading websites come in handy. It’s a novel idea, really, and one that’s been around for quite some time.

  1. Open Library

    1. An open-source book card catalog run by the Internet Archive, a non-profit California State Library.

    2. Books can be checked out, read, and returned online.


    1. It is exactly what it sounds like; an online place you can read thousands of books for free.


    1. Their website describes it as follows:

      1. “Welcome to Obooko, where you can download free books online from our unique digital collection. For your peace of mind, each of our titles is quality assured and legally licensed for you to read and store on any device. Look on Obooko as your very own 24-hour online library, where you can choose from over 3000 free ebooks in a wide range of fiction or factual genres in a choice of PDF and EPUB formats. Download free of charge at any time of day or night. What’s more, you won’t have to pay a single penny … or move from your favorite chair!”

  4. Project Gutenberg

    1. This is “the first provider of free electronic books or eBooks. Michael Hart, the founder of Project Gutenberg, invented eBooks in 1971, and his memory continues to inspire the creation of eBooks and related content today.”

    2. With a multitude of classic literature to view and so much more, this library is truly a wonder.


    1. This site also boasts a large growing collection of ebooks.

    2. Self-described as “ManyBooks was established in 2004 with the vision to provide an extensive library of books in digital format for free on the Internet. Many of the early eBooks are from the Project Gutenberg archives, which means you will be able to find a lot of classics on the site.
      Over a decade later, we are still going strong in our mission to provide a valuable service to our readers. ManyBooks has grown into a platform where self-publishing authors have the opportunity to introduce their work to our community, and new books are uploaded to our site daily – provided they comply to our quality standards.”

  6. Bookrix

    1. You can download it directly to your device or read in-browser

  7. Authorama

    1. A simpler site with free books that can be accessed over slower web connections.

  8. Smashwords

    1. Numerous free ebooks for download

    2. Launched in 2008 as “an ebook publishing platform and store. We made it possible for writers around the world to self-publish ebooks and sell those ebooks in the Smashwords Store.”

  9. Hathi Trust Digital Library

    1. A massive online collaborative library “offering a collection of millions of titles digitized from libraries around the world.”

If you cannot get to your library or want to avoid paying the high prices of other platforms, check these to see if your ebook is free.