The Heir & The Spare

This phrase has existed for centuries. One child to inherit the throne, one to take their place if they abdicate or pass away. In recent months, this phrase has been more prominent in the news as the turmoil in the English royal family has drawn significant attention. The two brothers at odds with one another, the wronged son and brother bearing his wounded soul to the world. This unfortunate situation has given life to a highly popular new book written by Prince Harry and published by Penguin Random House. According to Library Journal magazine, it’s the top book on hold lists this week.

It’s not surprising this book would attract so much attention. This family has been well-known for centuries and the center of public speculation and admiration for just as long. According to USA Today, “The Duke of Sussex’s memoir “Spare” hits shelves next week in what the royal promises to be an unfiltered personal account of his life …Penguin Random House summoned memories of the stunning death in 1997 of Harry’s mother, Diana, and the moment he and his brother, William, were put in the public eye…For Harry, this is his story at last.” As we all know, the loss of his late mother struck a hard blow and continues to be an understandable point of grief for both brothers.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, there are five things to know about the book:

    1. The book accidentally leaked in Spain ahead of its official release
    2. Some bookstores in the United Kingdom hosted book launch parties at midnight
    3. Harry narrates the audio version himself
    4. There are tons of new revelations about the Royal family
    5. The book title refers to the phrase ‘heir and spare’

Considering the amount of holds on this title, its best to get in line while you can. Make your way to the local library or go online and see if they have a copy available.

By Gretchen Hendrick Gardella, MLIS

Gretchen Hendrick Gardella is a Librarian with administrative, research, and vast technical skills. Ms. Gardella brings over 16 years of experience working in academic and public libraries to the discussion.