Writer’s Block

Sometimes it’s hard to think of things to write about. Many writers struggle with writer’s block, and there are many ways to work through it.

  • Read for inspiration
  • I like browsing the Library Journal news for library topic ideas.
  • Use a prompt
  • Work on some kind of puzzle to clear your mind – I like brain games on my phone.
  • Listen to different music
  • I alternate between EDM and rock.
  • Try doing a craft such as painting or drawing
  • I like to sew whenever I can. It’s relaxing and complex at the same time.
  • Watch a movie or show to relax
  • I recommend Law & Order, Ghost Adventures, or a cartoon for something funny.
  • Clean up the area you live in to refresh your surroundings
  • For me, doing the dishes or changing the laundry over works well as a quick task.
  • Make a writing schedule
  • I usually do my writing on Saturday or Sunday when I have more time to think.
  • Drink a favorite beverage
  • Coffee, lemonade with extra lemon juice, cherry coke zero, or better yet all three.
  • Change where you’re working
  • If you can, work outside, it’s amazing.
  • Go for a walk or exercise
  • Even stretching will help refresh your brain.

If nothing else works, take a nap. Those fix many problems.

By Gretchen Hendrick Gardella, MLIS

Gretchen Hendrick Gardella is a Librarian with administrative, research, and vast technical skills. Ms. Gardella brings over 16 years of experience working in academic and public libraries to the discussion.