Two Public Libraries Begin Using Bibliovation 7.0 in Production

Rockville, MD, October 7, 2021 – Two federal government public libraries with multiple branches have gone live using a hosted offering of the Bibliovation 7.0 Library Services Platform (LSP).  One library is in Washington and the second one is in Hawaii.  These two libraries are now using Bibliovation 7.0 to manage physical and electronic resources as they serve their respective communities.  The migration took place during the late summer and they went live in mid-September.  The library staffs are now enjoying the benefits of a 100% browser-based library management solution in a FedRAMP-certified hosting facility.  The users of the libraries are accessing their collections and related resources using the Bibliovation Discovery Layer.

About Bibliovation 7.0
The Bibliovation 7.0 LSP is 100% web-based, providing all system access to researchers, library staff, and system administrators through web browsers.  With FedRAMP authorized IaaS and PaaS certification made available through the Amazon AWS Cloud, Bibliovation offers libraries a secure and cost-effective hosting solution.  Supporting MARC21, Dublin Core, RDA, and geotagging, Bibliovation helps libraries manage both physical and digital content all in a single Rest API-based platform.   Bibliovation includes an EDI-compliant acquisitions component; a completely MARC-based cataloging editor for bibliographic, holdings and authority records; and full patron empowerment for purchase requests, ILL requests, and reference requests directly from the Discovery Layer.  Bibliovation 7.0 includes a variety of new features such as ERM support, expanded union catalog circulation functionality, automatic digital object ‘OCR upon ingest’ using the digital content module, and a new reporting module.

About LibLime
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