Eastwick College goes live on Bibliovation’s Discovery Solution

North Bethesda, MD — July 2, 2015 — Eastwick College and LibLime have partnered to provide Eastwick College students with easier access to databases, e-journals and other Eastwick College content, by integrating Bibliovation’s Discovery Solution. The partnership between Eastwick and Liblime allows Eastwick College students and faculty to take advantage of the benefits of easier access to Eastwick College’s entire suite of electronic resources.

Bibliovation’s new Discovery Solution was officially launched in 2015 and according to Sisalee Hecht, working with LibLime senior program manager Jane Wagner was a rewarding experience “I found working with LibLime and Ms. Wagner to be a gratifying experience. Liblime was very responsive to our needs and most importantly, our quick timeline for implementation.”

“Our motivation for discovery was many-fold: reduce costs of our old solution, increase usage of our e-resources and make the search process as seamless and easy as possible. The installation of Bibliovation’s Discovery Layer went very smoothly. We were able to customize the site and included our own branding. Our students will experience a seamless transition to the new Bibliovation Discovery Layer” stated Ms. Hecht.

“We look forward to being a true partner with Eastwick College and creating new features in our Discovery Solution as they continue to guide us in their particular needs” stated Patrick Jones, President of LibLime. “Open Development means that the librarians guide us in the development of the product, and Eastwick College has been an excellent partner to work with.”

Bibliovation’s Discovery Solution creates a cloud based, fast and locally customized index of a library’s information assets, with an easy-to-use and powerful way of accessing all of that information from a single search box. This makes searching made even more responsive to the end user because of the quality of its search solution and results ranking algorithm.

For more information about Eastwick College, please visit the Eastwick College web site at http://www.eastwickcollege.edu.

For more information about LibLime, please visit the Liblime web site at https://liblime.com.