Library Training Services Australia Joins Bibliovation with Class Program

North Bethesda, MD, July 10, 2014 – Students in Helen Ladewig’s courses in library, information services, and cultural services at Library Training Services Australia will begin utilizing Bibliovation this summer through Bibliovation with Class program.

LibLime will provide the class of approximately 35 students with a hosted installation of Bibliovation 4.18 free of charge. This will allow the students unlimited access and all privileges associated with the staff end of Bibliovation as well as all OPAC functionality for the duration of the course. Bibliovation 4.18 includes foundational support for authority control, global editing of authorized fields, improved Solr stemming functionality, RDA support, and enhanced search attributes. The Solr engine, released as part of Bibliovation 4.14, provides increased performance for importing and indexing bibliographic records. Solr also provides a much richer facet list for OPAC searching. Students in Ms. Ladewig’s classes will have the opportunity to take advantage of these and other improvements brought to the application through the Solr search engine.

Ms. Ladewig says, “Library Training Services Australia is thrilled to be partnering with LibLime, to provide our students with the ultimate experience in using a best-practice Integrated Library Management System. Partnering with LibLime, as part of their “Bibliovation with class” program, will enable our students to have a consistent learning experience and have access to a cloud-based platform where they can gain experience first-hand in using an interactive ILMS platform. This will enhance their learning experience and ensure the acquisition of key skills that our students can take back to their own libraries.”

About Bibliovation with Class
Bibliovation with Class program is designed to give library school faculty a chance to embed the use of an ILS into their coursework and curricula. This allows students to gain practical experience with library automation software as they prepare to enter the library workforce. Many faculty members around the world are taking advantage of the free support that LibLime provides with the Bibliovation with Class installations. LibLime is striving to expand the program overseas to support librarianship at an international level. To learn more about the program visit or if you wish to get involved go to:

About LibLime
LibLime, a division of PTFS, is the global leader in providing support for open development Library Service Platforms (LSP). Rather than sell software licenses for static, hard-to-customize software products, LibLime educates libraries about the benefits of open development, enabling them to make choices about how best to provide their communities and staff with better technology services. LibLime then facilitates deployment of the LSP in libraries by providing outstanding consulting, development, implementation, and support/hosting services. PTFS is also the developer of the world’s leading content management software, Knowvation, and specializes in meeting library personnel staffing requirements, digitization and metadata keying services. For more information, see or